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My wife and I are friends with Dave for years, so when we invited a (picnic ) and were his friends were glad to invite bikers al. Jill is 24, 5'1 ', long hair brown sexinfo101 with blonde streaks, 36-28-34 and remains, if not sexier than the first night I was six years ago. She always wears jeans, leather jackets , T - shirt and is the proverbial rock girl. Before i ( to tame ) had thrown some of my favorite guitarists, but does not talk about anything else. 'm a normal guy, 28, and my hole like a sexinfo101 drink, but see themselves still with me and a good piece of porn, but it will never do as a star, if you know what I mean. the field day was in the field. We hold, followed by Dave and his new girlfriend Karen, a bleached blonde biker party we reached the truck and Dave Harley. When we gave him a marquee to create a camp fire and the biggest pile of beer cans that have been in my life. A band made a bat at one end of the field and Jill mand made ​​to feel at home. On this day, we ate some burgers and drink tons of storage. was not Dave or Karen for a while not seen, and it was dark, a man approached us and told us to go to the store, the show has just begun. When we got there it was, had developed a large circle, and there was jubilation. David turned and beckoned us to him. The couple moved with him, so we can see what was happening. Two naked girls sexinfo101 were about some papers and mattresses run something sexinfo101 from each other. David encouraged away. Jill saw ready to tell a shrug, 'I'm sorry I brought you here ', but was too busy cheering them on themselves. I thought, great I'm leaving tonight my end. It's just that I realized that Karen was one of the girls. I told Jill and all he said was Lucky Old Dave. Dave gave us a clue that were talking about it and produces a vibrator of his jacket and threw it to Karen. I was surprised when JillOne of Dave and high- fiving and saying well. In return, he gave her a big kiss. I knew she must be a sexinfo101 drunk, and I felt my hard cock forever. Jill put her arm around sexinfo101 me and gave me a squeeze. Everyone applauded when Karen forced the vibrator in the other girl. Ilook the crowd, which was mostly men, but it was sexinfo101 nine or ten girls, all cheering too. Then I saw a guy making his way past the crowd and had come to a halt. I'm six feet tall, but I felt like a child looking for this man. It was a typical idea of what should be a fear of the future cyclists. He went to the girl and pulled out his cock. The girl in sexinfo101 the crowd made the mouth ' or ' forms, and so have some of the guys, which dared again. I swear it was weak, but about 8 ' and a friend as thick as my wrist. Karen was on the mattress and escaped. Karen looked at David and he nodded. Karen sexinfo101 opened her mouth and started sucking. His tail had a flash and was in d tattoo '. Everyone was silent for a while and his cock grew and grew. Karen was trying to deep throat with both hands, and still looked like a good cock go sexinfo101 size. I felt envy and respect of the same amount. Jill whispered, not the wildest of his dreams. Karen sucked and masturbated until he was completely hard, to see his penis was against all who pass through a fun little nervous applause. then made ​​him lie down and slowly began to fuck her. It was very quiet and we were able to grunt Karen. He took it for about five minutes, then Karen screamed and shouted to stop and Dave took his tears and took him away. The giant stood up and said Who'se next? No one seemed interested, then Jill squeezed my hand and walked on without me. When he took off a big celebration. He grabbed her and said that in her doggy style. Without any prelude, began to have his penis stuck in it. I have the feeling that I was not about to let offas simple as Karen. Jill made ​​a noise like I never heard it was the pain, but with hints of enjoyment. I was hoping that it would ruin it for me. He grabbed her long hair and began beating her bloody and exaggerated in his time, if you have not come to him. It seemed as if sexinfo101 he were still another six inches or so that do not fit. Jill was able to completely done away and grunts and gurgling noises, and do not fuck with and the whore intersperced Jas. She was like a woman possessed. Who resisted it for 10 minutes, came to Jill. I had heard that occur, but was an instinctive cry. The giant was not finished, he pulled a bottle of oil and lubricating his cock. Now anal is something we have done from time to time, and I was worried, but I have to worry about. Jill wanted, yes, yes, yes! until his cock was all in sexinfo101 his mercy was mounted for a few minutes to get there. sexinfo101 He pulled his cock away, bowed to huge applause and left. Jill whow to stay calm in the mattress, I went and got a smile of satisfaction. Corps began landing on the mattress beside us ready for the band three girls at once. Dave and Karen Karen appeared and kissed Jill and said he did well. Jill told me to have a little fun, and Karen said she had first. Jill said she was sore, but when we kissed the top three of them at any given time, they would like to fuck me. When I looked up, almost all the girls were among more than one man after another. Karen was first, if you find a cock to suck Jill, now very popular and it was during most of the night. Role in the next year DP'd
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